Muy contentos, muy satisfechos y agradecidos con los que hacen posible este evento, productores, tecnicos y administrativos de IHCAFE, equipo de Empresa Aruco, Finca Las Gemelas, El Hichozal, Corquin, Copan, Honduras. De los 15 mejores cafés más disputados y mejor pagados.

Dense planting and taking steps to ensure water doesn't drain away too much helps, so line the basket with absorbent matting. Then water, water, and water again!

Don't feed every time you water, just do that weekly. If you're at the planting stage, however, you can add some slow-release feed pellets to aid the plants during summer.
Putting a hanging basket in a windy spot may stress the plants, as they'll lost moisture, so consider where your baskets will go and that you may have to further increase the amount of water you give them!

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